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The aim of ProChoice Safety Gear is to create and promote the safest possible occupational environments for Australian workers. ProChoice specialist safety equipment includes barrier tapes, safety tags and traffic barriers; back and knee protection and a constantly expanding range to meet industry requirements; all meet the quality standards expected and deserved by Australian workers.

Our General Safety Gear and Safety Equipment range also includes traffic cones; safety bollards, bases, flags and barrier mesh barriers for mining, construction and civil contracting situations. ProChoice knows the general safety gear and the safety equipment required on Australian worksites.

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hazard tapes bunting cooling neck tie back belts
Hazard Tapes & Tags Bunting Cooling Neck Tie Back Support Belt
 knee pads road safety   
Safety Chain Knee Pads  Road Safety  

General Safety Gear

Stay Safe

Safety in the workplace should be everyone's top priority. Work related injuries are less likely to occur if all employees know the safety guidelines and understand how to incorporate them in to the workplace daily. Using signs and barriers helps.