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Arax® Cut Resistant Gloves - Level 5 Rated

Arax Cut 5 Gloves

ProChoice’s Arax® range of EN 388 cut resistant gloves is more than a collection of gloves, it is an integrated hand protection system designed to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes no matter what job your occupation requires.

The Arax® Proprietary Fabric 

The science behind Arax’s® superior cut resistance is in the way the proprietary Arax® fabric is woven. Fusing a high performance industrial yarn with a proprietary Arax® thread, on a 13 gauge machine for a tighter knit and greater protection. 

The Arax® Cut Resistant Glove Range does not spare any safety performance features with each glove in the range specially developed to suit the various requirements different workers face when working with sharp objects and mechanical hazards. 

Check out the range of Arax Cut Resistant  Glove Range below and find the perfect Arax® for your workplace!