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Extra Heavy Duty Nitrile Glove MDNPFHD

Extra_Heavy_Duty_Nitrile_Glove_MDNPFHD_Image_02 Extra_Heavy_Duty_Nitrile_Glove_MDNPFHD_Image_03 

Product Details

Made from 100% Extra Heavy Duty Nitrile

Specifically designed for use in the industrial, automotive repair and paint trade

Stronger, thicker, and more resistant to chemicals when compared to a regular disposable Nitrile glove

Improved protection from oils, grease, fuels, cleaners, solvents, chemicals, & transmission fluid

This glove has hypoallergenic properties for sensitive skin types

Low odour nitrile glove

Latex free and Vinyl free glove material delivers superior comfort for extended wear

Ambidexrous glove with textured palm and fingers for enhanced grip in wet and dry conditions

Available in Glove Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

QTY / Box - 100pcs

QTY / Carton - 10 Boxes

Product Code: MDNPFHD

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