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Detachable Hard Hat Brim - HHB

Detachable_Hard_Hat_Brim_-_HHB_Image_02 Detachable_Hard_Hat_Brim_-_HHB_Image_03 Detachable_Hard_Hat_Brim_-_HHB_Image_04 Detachable_Hard_Hat_Brim_-_HHB_Image_05 Detachable_Hard_Hat_Brim_-_HHB_Image_06 

Detachable Hard Hat Brim - HHB

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Product Details

  • Durable cotton
  • Excellent sun protection with neck flap
  • Available in white, fluro yellow, navy blue, green and orange
  • Sold Individually
  • Qty/Carton - 50