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Shade Halo V6 Plastic Hard Hat Brim V6PB

Shade_Halo_V6_Plastic_Hard_Hat_Brim_V6PB_Image_02 Shade_Halo_V6_Plastic_Hard_Hat_Brim_V6PB_Image_03 Shade_Halo_V6_Plastic_Hard_Hat_Brim_V6PB_Image_04 Shade_Halo_V6_Plastic_Hard_Hat_Brim_V6PB_Image_05 Shade_Halo_V6_Plastic_Hard_Hat_Brim_V6PB_Image_06 

Shade Halo V6 Plastic Hard Hat Brim (V6PB)

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Product Details

Designed to be fitted to the ProChoice V6 and most hard hats, the Shade Halo is the perfect sun hat when a hard hat is required on site.

  • Made from UV stabilised polypropylene 
  • Moisture Wicking Polyester Neck Flap protects the back of your neck from the sun and won't weigh you down when it gets wet like cotton neck flaps can
  • Rubber tip for a more secure fit 
  • Full brim for maximum coverage 
  • Qty / Ctn 100

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