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V9 Hard Hat with Ratchet Harness HHV9R

V9_Hard_Hat_with_Ratchet_Harness_HHV9R_Image_02 V9_Hard_Hat_with_Ratchet_Harness_HHV9R_Image_03 V9_Hard_Hat_with_Ratchet_Harness_HHV9R_Image_04 

V9 Hard Hat with Ratchet Harness (HHV9R)

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Providing the most secure fit in head protection, the ratchet harness allows you to quickly and easily adjust your hard hat with minute precision and without having to remove it from your head.

  • Quick and easy single hand adjustment whilst wearing the helmet 
  • Ideal for high wind areas when a secure fit is needed quickly 
  • Swivel feature for advanced positioning on back of the head
  • Small and un-obtrusive design won’t get in the way 
  • Retro-reflective adjustment dial 
  • Webbed Harness cradling system to ensure correct hat position and promote ventilation 
  • Built in sweat band for added comfort 
  • Fits onto the V9 Hard Hat with 9 air vents, a low profile, lightweight design, and angled peak that deflects rain from wearer.
  •  AS/NZS 1801 - SAI Global Certified Lic 20500 Impact resistant ABS Material

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