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V9 Vented Hard Hat - HHV9

V9_Vented_Hard_Hat_-_HHV9_Image_02 V9_Vented_Hard_Hat_-_HHV9_Image_03 V9_Vented_Hard_Hat_-_HHV9_Image_04 V9_Vented_Hard_Hat_-_HHV9_Image_05 V9_Vented_Hard_Hat_-_HHV9_Image_06 V9_Vented_Hard_Hat_-_HHV9_Image_07 V9_Vented_Hard_Hat_-_HHV9_Image_08 

A Revolution in Head Protection that will Rev Your Engine!

After years in development, the ProChoice Safety Gear V9™ Hard Hat challenges traditional head protection with a hot looking, low profile, ergonomic design that won’t make you look like you're wearing a “skid lid”. Certified to AS/NZS1801, the V9™ does not sacrifice safety standards or performance for good looks. The nine strategically placed air vents and harness cradle encourage air flow, greatly reducing your chances of “blowing a gasket”.

Drop the clutch and join the V9™ Revolution today!

Product Details

  • 9 Points of Ventilation for Increased Air-Flow
  • Low Profile, Lightweight Design
  • Easy locking system for fast on/off application
  • Webbed Harness cradling system to ensure correct hat position and promote ventilation
  • Angled Peak deflects rain from wearer in extreme weather
  • Built in sweat band for added comfort 
  • Approvals: AS/NZS 1801 - SAI Global Certified Lic 20500
  • Available in 9 Vibrant Colours: Yellow, Fluoro Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, White, & Fluoro Watermelon
  • Impact resistant ABS Material
  • Also available unvented

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