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5/9/2011 6:29:40 PM

The range of cut 5 gloves by ProChoice are here! Taeki 5 by ProChoice offer the highest level of cut resistance avaiable

Gloves are worn to protect your hands and other parts of your body. Not that you'll wear them on other parts of your body, but if your work tools or products slip or spill on you, injuries can occur.


At ProChoice we are constantly on the look out for the perfect glove, and we think we've found it... or at least as close to perfect as there is available. Introducing our Taeki 5 Cut Proof Glove Range!

The Taeki 5 glove range utilizes a composite yarn that makes it cut proof, comfortable and convenient.

The Taeki 5 range has a glove liner, or basis glove form, that has the best cut resistant characteristics we have tested and the woven yarn means it gives an excellent fit and breathability for extended periods of wear, even in wet, dusty or oily conditions.
The material does not shed lint, making it suitable for use in "clean room" applications.
It offers heat contact resistance from 100°- 250°C.

Taeki 5 is washable (without altering fit or sensitivity), will take dye (without altering characteristics) and can be dipped in a variety of coatings to enhance characteristics such as grip and additional protection.

Nitrile dipped palms offers additional abrasion resistance and outstanding grip in wet and greasy conditions.

Polyurethane dipped palms makes these gloves especially suitable when handling glass or stainless steel.

Latex palms enhance the close-fitting, cut proof characteristics of the Taeki 5 when working in wet environments.

The addition of chrome-leather palms increases the robust wearing capability when working with cables, hot metal, glass and rough-edged metal fabrication.

A knitted sleeve with thumb slot, for wearing underneath the other gloves, extends the protection up to the elbow for a variety of tasks.

The comfort and versatility of the Taeki 5 cut resistant material makes us confident that this will be the most popular glove in the vast ProChoice glove range.

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