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Got Your Head (Protection) Screwed On Right?

6/23/2014 12:37:00 PM

Wearing a hard hat can be a necessary inconvenience at the best of times without the hassle of fiddling around with the harness to get the right fit. Introducing the most comfortable and securely fitting hard hat in head protection, the new ProChoice V9 Hard Hat with Ratchet Harness.

V9 Hard Hat with Ratchet Harness

1. Easy-Twist Ratchet Adjustment Dial

The new ProChoice V9 Ratchet Harness enables quick, one handed harness adjustment, without having to remove the hard hat from your head. A small and unobtrusive, retro-reflective dial is fitted to the back of the harness enabling minute sizing adjustments with a simple twist, for the most secure and precise fit in head protection. This is especially useful in strong winds or in situations where a dislodged hat can cause danger to both the worker and any bystanders below; such as on a high scaffold or gantry.

2. Swivel Nape Strap 

Heads don't just come in different sizes, but different shapes too. For a hard hat to be fitted correctly the nape strap needs to sit low on the head, ideally at the base of the skull. Perhaps one of the most 'Ta-da' features of the V9 Ratchet is it's incredibly simple swivel joint where the nape strap meets the headband. This smooth swivel motion allows optimal nape strap positioning and the perfect fit every time (on even the most oddly shaped heads).

3. Foam Padding

With a secure fitting hard hat, the last thing you want is a plastic strap digging into the back of your head. The V9 Ratchet Harness features a soft, foam padding strategically placed behind the adjustment dial where the nape strap meets the back of the head, for the most comfortable and secure fit when tightening.

V9 Hard Hat with Ratchet Harness

Additional Features

The V9 Ratchet harness utilises a webbed cradling system that correctly positions the hat on the head and promotes ventilation. It also features a built in cotton sweat band that is soft and absorbent, and clips on /off for easy replacement.

V9 Shell

V9 Hard Hat Shell

The shell of the V9™ Hard Hat challenges traditional head protection with it's attractive appearance and low profile, ergonomic design. It features nine strategically placed air vents that encourage air flow, and comes in 9 different colours, including watermelon! 

The V9™ does not sacrifice safety standards or performance for good looks, and is independently tested and certified to Australian & New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS1801).

When coupled with the superior features of the ProChoice ratchet harness, this is the ultimate in head safety equipment. If you've got your head screwed on, screw on the V9 Ratchet hard hat from ProChoice Safety Gear.

V9 Ratchet Harness Colours

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