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Turn Any Glove into an Anti-Vibration Glove

7/15/2014 10:11:47 AM

Many jobs in the construction and trade's industry require the intermittent use of handheld power tools and vibration emitting equipment. Constant switching back and forth between regular and anti-vibration gloves can be a nuisance and discourages wear. As a result, many workers simply keep their regular work gloves on when using power tools. Others make the anti-vibration gloves their default pair and wear them all the time, even when shock absorption is not required. Both solutions are not advisable and place the worker at increased risk.

The Problem with Wearing Anti-Vibration Gloves All the Time

Anti-vibration gloves have features specifically designed for the absorption of shock / impact and reduction of vibrations transmitted to the hands and arms. A foam padded palm, while excellent at minimising vibration, can be restrictive and obstructive when performing other tasks. Only packing a pair of anti-vibe gloves can lead to workers removing their gloves when performing tasks requiring greater touch sensitivity and dexterity. As soon as PPE comes off, the risk of injury goes up and in the case of work gloves, the odds of suffering serious hand injuries increase by 60%.

Vibration Emitting Power Tools

The Problem with Wearing Regular Work Gloves when Using Vibration Emitting Tools

Failure to wear vibration absorbing gloves when operating power driven hand tools means that greater force must be exerted to control the tool. This greater force, coupled with the vibration transmitted by tool itself, increases a worker's risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). The most common RSI's associated with repeated or prolonged use of vibrating equipment are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Used in conjunction with proper ergonomics, well designed and maintained power tools, vibration emission measuring and medical surveillance, anti-vibration gloves can greatly reduce a worker's risk developing occupational RSI's. Wearing anti-vibration gloves also gives workers greater control over vibrating tools, further reducing the risk of incidents and injuries.

New Shock Stopper Glove Attachment

The Shock Stopper

Anti-vibration gloves can be an expensive investment if only required for occasional task and as such, many tradespeople don't bother with them. In situations where power tools are used more frequently, the inconvenience of constantly changing gloves means that many workers tend to just stick to one pair, which leaves them wearing glove are not always fit for purpose and exposes them to increased risk. Fortunately, the boys in the Boomerang Lab have come up with a solution. Introducing the Shock Stopper!

Shock Stopper Glove Attachment Anti Vibration

The innovative, new Shock Stopper glove attachment from ProChoice Safety Gear turns any glove into an anti-vibration glove. The ambidextrous attachment features a foam padded palm for excellent vibration attenuation, and can be quickly and easily affixed to either hand, over almost any work glove. Retailing for under $8, the Shock Stopper is a cost effective, convenient solution that eliminates the necessity of having a separate pair of gloves for use with powered tools. Finally, your favourite pair of work gloves and your favourite pair of anti-vibration work gloves can be one and the same.

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